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General Ivor & the Raffle Draw

Mar 27, 2004
West Cumbria
Just to keep you updated re the draw, I have still to collect Ivor from the Pilot as he went on holiday on his return to the UK.

It is my intention to collect Ivor as soon as possible and make sure that he is as good as when I handed him over followed by an new MOT and Service.

Can everyone who has been kind enough to sell raffle tickets ensure that they are returned to me by the Friday the 28th of September to ensure all tickets are available for the draw that is intended to be on Thursday the 4th of October.

Anyone who wishes to purchase further tickets please contact me ASAP and before the 28th as that will be the Deadline for the completion of the sale.
Hi Alan , You have all of mine, I dont think I will shift anymore.

Cheers Sarah