Styling I've put on a front grill

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Styling I've put on a front grill


Jul 10, 2007
If anyone wanna check this out, it's pretty easy to install and very cheap, I've payed 5 eur for mine, and took me one hour to install, and overnight to dry the silicone...

I did it a bit...unproffesional, but now I know the trick, so I'm gonna do it better these days, and if you want I can post it in guides.

Here are the pics, hope you like it, gonna do the 3 upper holes also, and 2 ones on the back bumper.


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OK, I will do it this week, cause I gotta take it off and do it properly, and then I'm gonna shot some pics also (y)
The most important thing is to cut the grill just right so you can nicely bend it over the corners, and for gluing you can use silicone for windshields, it needs to dry overnight, or as I was thinking to try, a glue in a stick, the one that you need a 'gun' tool to melt it...anyway it has to be a lot of stuff, you can't use regular but super strong glue, cause you need to squirt it over the grill :D
No, cause I haven't done the new grill, I thought it would be better if I take pics also when I change this one...wanted to do it, had time, but it was rainny days for me and no garrage :bang:
Think I'll do it tommorow acctually, my friend wants to do it on his Bravo, and he's the man for the job, and he also wants to do it asap cause rainny and winters days are near :D

First tip: to glue the grill on bumper use only silicone that you use to glue windscreen, that's the BEST thing, trust me, that's what pros use (y) No glue or some magic stuff is better
OK, oops I did it again, took of the old one, and put on a new one...
I have the pics, but theyre on my mobile, and I forgot the usb cable at home...Anyway, I'll do the guide tonight or tommorow 100%
I'll split it in 3 maybe, howto take off the front bumper on Punto, on Bravo, and putting on a grill :D
Here's a sneak one is from Bravo, see how we cutted out a bit of plastic and made a tooth :D
And how it looks from the may look a bit ugly, but thats the only proper way to do it...if you spray a grill black, you can spray this inner side also over this brownish silicone..


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I did this on a MK2B Punto van. Not for stying, but to protect the radiator, which to me seems very vulnerable.
Did it without removing the bumper though. I just undid the central mountings under the bottom of the bumper and slid the black alloy mesh through and into place.
It would only work with alloy though not stainless as you have to curve it slightly to feed it in.
Now for the bad bit :D Fastened it in place from the front with lots of ties. As its a black bumper and grill, you dont really notice the black ties, I bet if you threw a rock at the grill now it would hold until the bumper its self gave way.
Dont know if any of you also consider the radiator to be really vulnerable as standard?

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Guide is done :D

I agree that the radiator is exposed, that is how I got the idea of doing it acctually, by noticing more and more damage on it :mad:
But since I'm gonna do it...I'm gonna do it properly, estetic also counts when you have a neet car, when you drive a van, especially when you use it for it's purpose, you dont't give much damn how you do some things...on my fathers golf 2, when I was driving it, didn't have the urge to even wash it, it's not eye catchy to say so :D

the pics come up if you use the 'forum' insert code usually

Yeah, I feel like an idiot, there's an insert image icon :D Didn;t notice the end it came out better with links instead of inserted pics, that way I can stil leave them in original file size and quality (y) zoom me baybe! :D
, when you drive a van, especially when you use it for it's purpose, you dont't give much damn how you do some things...:D

You`re right, its always function over form:D I like you`re neat job by the way(y)
You`re right, its always function over form:D I like you`re neat job by the way(y)

Thnx, it's not easy when you have 2 left hands like I do :D
And on the pics in the guide you can see my friends thumb cut, no injury, no job got done :D now there's his DNA all over my bumper :D