General I've got my 750 back!!!

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General I've got my 750 back!!!

Feb 18, 2004
Brigg, North Lincolnshire
I've finally got my 750 back. For the past 8 weeks or so it has been in Berwick upon Tweed providing transport for my sister. She had an accident in her Tipo diesel, so she gave me money to sort her out with another Tipo or a Tempra diesel (she definitely wanted another Fiat.... my influence is working (y)) I then gave her my 750 as she needed transport while I went about the task. I found a cheap diesel Tempra estate, replaced the brakes, the cambelt, serviced & MOT'd it. I also swapped many bits off the Tipo that were better than the Tempra, and also stripped it of turbocharger, diesel pump, starter, alternator etc. for the spares store...

So this in my drive stripped of everything useful, awaiting the scrapman....


And she went back to Berwick this afternoon in this.....


While I am left with this.....:)


Now I can get back to sorting this little beauty out :D

I have a replacement door to put on, change the locks so it is just one key, and maybe replace the radiator as I think there is a cooling problem (but I will leave the cooling prob for a post on it's own). Unfortunately when this is done I may not have it very long. This is because my youngest sister has expressed an interest in being custodian as she will need transport for her teaching job in Derby. I have agreed on the understanding that it will still belong to me and she has to look after she will obviously get the 'Panda bug' which is certainly no bad thing.....Plus, the empty Panda space can be filled with another Panda (y)

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