Its like starting school all over again !!

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Its like starting school all over again !!


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Apr 3, 2006
Hi All

Name is JiTz (Its a long Story)

Cant belive i havent joined before i have only ever owned a Fiat

Got a Black MkII Punto Sporting but changing to a Stilo 2.4 Abarth next week (if all goes well) So if anyone can tell me any nice points about them i would welcome the comments(y)

Anyway thanks for reading !!!!!!

Speak Soon I Hope !!!!!

O.K Dave now you've scared me why keep the Punto ???:confused:
Thank You for the Welcome !!!!!! Nice Car !!!!
wolfracepunto said:
Because he doesn't realise that there are better cars than Puntos :p ;)

Welcome to the forum (y)

yes STILOS :p :D Welcome soon to be stilo owner GOOD CHOICE (y)
hello & welcome :wave: nowt wrong with sillyspeed's , if like me u'v got doggy knee's , old age 'n' all that
dont listen to 'em have fun no matter wot u got mate(y)
Hello again JiTz and welcome :wave: , enjoy your time here on FF.
Hellcat said:
You're all wrong - he should go Tipo retro :D

Or street sleeper marea :p

Anyway is your future Abarth a sillyspeed or manual?
Yes it is Sillyspeed...........But 2.4 of Sillyspeed Woo Hoo
Stuart DemonD said:
Woot, another Stilo owner, and a 2.4 one as well :D

Plus he gets to play in the bestest part of the forum :slayer: innit :p
Have You got the Abarth Stuart DemonD If so is it as fun as i found the Test drive???
Will not get to drive it straight aways its going in to get some makeup and brain surg. Wooooo