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Mar 5, 2007
West Yorkshire
Hi guys,

Have any of you tried to remove the ISR stickers on the side windows? I dont like the look of them so would like to get rid of them. Any idear of the best way?

I dont think for a second that they would stop a would be theif!

Cheers :)
at a guess i'd just peel them off and then use some window polish on them to get the rest off, something like that autoglym window stuff.

I never bothered with the whole ISR thing anyway, surely the police can get the owner details from dvla anyway? if thats all the ISR does.
Removed mine within a week of getting her lol - I used a hairdryer to heat them up and peeled 'em off. Just cleaned window after. (y)
ISR is internationally proven to deter thieves from stealing vehicles. The idea is that all windows are permanently etched with a unique reference code. ISR database holds detailed info on the car and the registered ISR customer, and can also hold handy info like radio codes,key codes etc etc for the customer. By fitting the label, it warns thieves that all windows are marked, and that if they steal the vehicle to sell on, the prospective new buyer could ring ISR before buying, quoting the etched window markings, and they would be alerted that the vehicle is stolen etc. Many manufacturers use this system, because it does statistically reduce thefts. Thieves generally will 'move on' to the next car that doesn't have this protection.
By taking the sticker off, you are no longer warning the thief (although permanent markings are still on glass) But more importantly, you are no longer warning any prospective buyer to check the history out when they are thinking about buying your stolen pride and joy! I would keep at least one sticker somewhere obvious on a window if I were you.
Also make sure when you buy the car that the dealer does in fact register it for you. Mine didn't and I've been left the £20 to register it. Most annoying is that they said they would and it wasn't until I rang up to change address that they told me I wasn't registered. Numpties.
I still cant believe it would stop any one trying to steel the car, or breaking a window to steal some CDs etc!!

Almost every new car has these stickers on now, so surely the scumbag would know that the car is linked to the ISR anyway. To be honest I'm gonna get rid of mine as i don’t think its even linked, and even if it is I cant see any real benefit from it! Don’t you have to pay a annual subscription?

Hairdryer here I come! :slayer: