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General Is this lowered?


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Mar 18, 2004
Derby, United Kingdom.
I purchased my HGT in november this year, but dont know if it has the standard suspension or aftermarket springs fitted. The reason im concerened is i am due to have a powerflow backbox fitted and am concerned that it may hit the rear beam as i go around corners (as this is what happned to my vauxhall tigra - sory to swear :lol: !, if you have a HGT have you got a non standard exhaust coupled with lowered suspension with no probs? Also if you do have a HGt what is the distance between the front / rear arches and outer tyre wall? Sorry for all the questions :oops: ! Also a couple of pics of my ice install while im posting :D ! its scruffy but LOUD!

Rear bumper


Rear arch


front arch


side of car


Ice install



Looks lowered to me, although the ICE adds weight on the rear, but i dont think to that height. I would say it was lowered, suprised no punto people have replied
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Looks lowered to me too. If its a powerflow exhaust you're having fitted, don't they custom build it around your car? It shouldn't be an issue. Of course if your local powerflow are one of the poorer franchises they might not have the skills or planning to build it.
Just from the side view I would say thats been lowered maybe 35mm, definately looks lower than standard to me.

As Dave and Chris said check the springs, if they are red or yellow then its definately aftermarket however some aftermarket companies still use black springs so do what Chris said and check for codes printed etc.

Hellcats right though, any Powerflow manufacturer should be building the exhaust to the cars/owners requirments so I would make your concerns noted when getting the exhaust built just to make sure its alright.

Let us know how you get on mate (y)

I would definetely say that it has been lowered. I will look tomorrow but I am sure the springs I had back were red:confused:

As you said in your other post it has got red springs and as far as I am aware Fiat didnt use red springs on the HGT or any of their cars for that matter.

Spax and Gmax are the two main suspension companies that use red springs from what I remember.
Yes the springs are red (what little paint is left on them), cant get a code as quite badle rusted. Think springs only have been added as the shocks are black, would you reccomend i upgrade the shocks? If so what manufacturer do you reccomend?

thanks for all the helpful replies.