iPod Nano 1st Generation Replacement Program

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iPod Nano 1st Generation Replacement Program

Thanks for this! I bought mine for £140 for 1gb back when Woolworths was open. I use my iPhone now but hey, free new ipod? Well alrighty then!
I'm sending mine back, I got one on release day from Apple. I expect they won't replace it with a new model but with another 1st gen with the outer case and battery replaced (given they are taking 6 weeks to send a replacement).
even if its just the case thats replaced, itll look a hell of a sight better than what mine looks like now!

i sound awfully excited over something that couldve burned my house down :rolleyes:
I know I shouldn't but:-


Do Apple actually do product testing? :rolleyes:
Because Dell batteries are so much safer :rolleyes:


Yeah but look how many different models Dell ship in a given time frame.. Apple and their product range you think they could get it right.