Technical Inyecction Light dissapeer and car won't start!

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Technical Inyecction Light dissapeer and car won't start!


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Mar 10, 2006
Help guys,

In first place, excuse my but language, but I'don't speak english and now I'm using a translater.

I have a Punto GT Mk1 from '95, the other day, inyecction light (EFI light) goes on, and the car stopped.

I attempt to start the engine again and don't start. In the second attempt, inyecction light dissapeer (when insert key and turn it, the inyecction light is missing!), and I can't do nothing. I try to change battery, etc, but nothing.

Yesterday, the car goes to mechanic FIAT, but today it call me and said:

"Diagnosis machine error: INSTALAZIONE".

But cannot find the problem, my inyecction light is missing at the second attemp to start the car, and never more goes on.

Anybody can help me?

Can be any "relé" or fuse?

Thanks for all, best regards.

Mireia from spain.

PD: My car have alarm system, but when I bought it, don't have alarm key or transmissor, the alarm is disconnected.