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Sep 20, 2004
...........Box II :D

bought my first car on wednesday (y)

its a 95 N reg "Rosso" Cinq Sporting with 59k on it, (and hand painted sill protectors :confused: )

Good GOD! its so much faster than an 899 ain't it :eek: had lots of wheelspinning fun in the countryside so far

its a solid little car, theres just a few (hopefully easily fixable) things wrong with it, which ill be asking soon enough ;)

these are the only pics ive got atm, but ill get some more when its light :)

t'is all mine! MINE I TELL YOU :devil:


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arc said:
nice, now get it lowered, and get some decent dics and pads, and then a chip, and an induction kit, and a 40mm tb and and and.. :D

hold on, i just need to win the lottery first :rolleyes: and tbh, its not that pink in real life :chin:

Box I isnt going anywhere :D my mums gonna have it, so ill have a proper Cento-Family :cool:

Oh! and id like to publicly say thank you to Alex22 for going with me and helping me out with it (y)
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Interesting colour.....
Hope you enjoying driving it and havbe fun with it. Looks like a nice little car :)
Now were talking!

Hope to see you in the Cento section more now Serin.

Oh and an aside but again Serin proves that Sporting Vs 899 (no offence 899 owners) there is no contest in speed, that 15bhp does make a difference!

cooooool :cool: good choice of colour! mine was like that when i got it, 4 hours with a buffer and t-cut, then wash, then 4 hours t-cutting by hand and its gleaming again!

Nice choice! (y) and yeh, 899>1108 major jump :eek: