New Feature Introducing user given awards

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New Feature Introducing user given awards


Let someone know they're special

Everyone is used to using the "Likes" system to quickly show a reaction to a post, but I wanted to expand on this to make it a bit more special.

So I introduce to you, the user given awards system - a new way to show appreciation to your fellow forum members!

Any post that you think is worthy of more than just a simple like can be given your choice of award from a pre-defined list - which when sent will now show up to the right of the post date.

Like this:

But why use these instead of normal likes?

Ah but here's where awards are special - as instead of being unlimited and thus given easily, awards can only be given a certain amount of times per day (currently twice for a normal user or 5 times if you donated) so you need to use them wisely.

This also means that as a recipient, you know your content was truly appreciated!

What awards can I give?
Users of Reddit might be familiar with the list, as they are basically the same (minus a few that didn't make sense) - when I get some time, I'll look at getting them redone to be a bit more unique for the forum - but at the moment, we have the following (when giving one, hold your mouse over to get a full description):

Standard Awards (Anyone can give)

Premium Awards (Can only be given by donated members)

And then we have some secret ones, which can only be given by the moderator team to content of true posting excellence - so good luck!

Ok great! So how do I give an award?

Please see the "how-to" for a full guide 👍

Happy awarding!
Hi Ben, hope all is well with you?

I think this is a great idea. To be used sparingly for "special" posts? Right away I can see myself using it when someone imparts some extra useful info.
Exactly! That's why there is a daily cap on giving them, makes them more special 🥰