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May 31, 2006
my uncle is looking to get broadband.

it's his first computer so he isn't mad on speed etc, it's a laptop too so i wireless router would be handy.

i've looked at pipex but they have a 2gb limit, looked at tiscali but it's 2mb line.

looking at spending £15 month max. thanks all!
I'm with Tiscali Broadband (2 MB) and also have the anytime landline calls package too. Generally good, no problems with the phone call side of things and generally get 2mb speed most of the time. However, Tiscali fcuked up their SMTP server earlier this year and caused no end of problems with client based email. I got round it by using GMail as my SMTP server but am a little miffed that Tiscali couldn't get theirs sorted out properly despite claiming otherwise. :mad:
BT Total broadband. I've had mine for a few months and been absolutely faultless unlike my previous provider. BT probably aren't the cheapest but they do sell reliable products that have been researched and tested, unlike most tin pot ISPs.
If you are after cheap:

Sky subscribers can have a free connection and a free wireless router - see there website

Also orange with an 18 or 24 month pay monthly mobile plan of £30+ for new and existing customers can get free connection and a free wireless router

With orange if you have the phone contract you can have upto 8mb for £5 a month
personally i'd advise staying away from any kind of ADSL circuit.

as Helz has pointed out dispite paying for more expensive packages you may find it very slow, and even slower then the lesser packages!

if your uncle lives next door to the exchange then brilliant, just get ADSL for a cheap solution, else i'd look into cable. believe Virgin are the only cable provider to present.
unless you go cable then i recommend BT and no one else for the simple fact BT manage the phone lines so if you have a problem they can fix it, other companies can only make you speak to someone in india who cant help you and doesnt even understand your problem. i've had hell with talktalk and toucan, keep well away from them, they really are far worse than any fiat dealer i've ever come across. i'd rather chop my own nose off than sign up with either of them ever again.