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General Intermittant Indicators


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Feb 1, 2006
This problem is really pissing me off.....

My indicators on my Marea Weekend Estate refuse to work in the mornings!!... However, after driving for about 30 minutes they start to work. It is like this every day. The same driving home from work - no joy for 30 mins, then they start to come back on.

I'm thinking this is something to do with the cold weather we're having lately and when the connections warm up and expand they are ok.

If I push the indicator stalk up really hard... almost to snapping point then the right indicator comes on, however, my hazard lights will not work until after the 30-40 minute period.

Does anyone know what I should be looking at? Is there something getting damp? Or is this just a duff connection issue?

I dunno what the cause is but mine sometimes do the same although for not as long they are just a bit intermittent sometimes, I have noticed that they stop working when I press the brake pedal - weird....
I have had several problems with my indicators on mareas and each time a new relay from fiat has solved it. Only about £5 and fitted in about as many minutes.

The problems were no indicators then working, getting slower and slower when on etc.

Where is the relay located??? Mine are getting prety bad so time to change it I think!
If i remember correctly the indicator relay is under the steering column lower cover.
The indicators on our car started to get a bit intermittent, it was both from the stalk and the hazard switch so I guessed the relay. This thread in the archives confirmed it was in the column shroud (it sounded like it was there ), and after reading that looking at the relay cured it I unplugged it, squirted some WD40 on the blades and shoved it back in. Problem solved so it looks like the relay/socket can go high resistance. The relay was stuck in there I had to get a flat bladed screwdriver in to move it.
All fixed but just to say again great site and most problems are covered in the archives here.:)
Just had similar intermitent problem. Turned out to be dry/cracked solder joints on the relay pcb. Quick sweat with an iron and a dab of solder (for the flux) and all is well.

Once had an Astra GTE that cut out whenever it felt like it. That turned out to be bad joints in the fuel pump relay. Relays are often a bit more than just relays and have pcb's in them which are a tad more delicate than a relay alone.
I had the same problem but not for such a length of time i pulled the indicator relay under the steering wheel and tapped it on a hard surface a few times also i very slightly bent the connections in a fagg paper and it seems to have cured it - hope this helps.