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Styling Interior plastics


Jan 4, 2006
Over there
Having read reviews of the marea that indicate that the interior plastics are lower quality and at risk of breaking I can confirm that is complete toss. The interior plastics are highly durable, but they aren't high quality once you get off the fascia and instrument binnacle. The side trim on doors and down in the footwell scratches easily and looks crap once scratched.

So, anyone know of any styling material that can be used to freshen up, smarten or otherwise hide these scratches? Something generic will do.
Plastikote can be used if you really want to but it looks even worse if you manage to scratch that as well.
If you have a local fabric factory place it can be worthwhile looking around as some of the fabrics are really cheap.
Most motor factor shops that sell styling items should have decorative film for dashboards. A bit difficult to apply to curved surfaces though. The only other thing I have seen is model aircraft film. This is thin and when heated forms itself around what its attached to. Not very good on internal curves though.