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Technical Interior courtesy light


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Sep 9, 2004
Hi all and a happy new year!, Just a quick one, Does anyone know how to get at the bulb of the interior light up by the rear view mirror?, Just thought i'd ask before i start snapping plastic!!

Many thanks
Ok, if it has no alarm, push in the two circles/ovals that you see in the 'sunglasses holder' to remove it. If it has an alarm/sunroof, unclip the housing (pull it vertically down and it'll unclip, don't put too much force on it though).

Then you'll see two Torx bolts, undo them, then unclip the light and change the bulbs. Then reassemble.
Its not a holder for anything, its a creak generator! ;) Dunno about a mobby, but when i put my shades up there i keep hearing squeeks! Very annoying, took me weeks to track, because it sounds like its coming from passenger door! Then when you ride in passenger side it sounds like its on drivers side! lol! :p