Insurance RANT. Cheaper.... WHY?

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Insurance RANT. Cheaper.... WHY?

Dec 16, 2005
Newcastle upon Tyne
Okay Looking at car insurance Prices for say.

Women get cheap insurance because they are women.... and because they are women and the insurance companys say that female polices have less claims. but the stats they first used are from years ago a lot of years ago pre 1999. when men normally had the women on there insurance and if the other half hit somthing it was the bloke who lost his insurance.

Now did you know that Colored people in london are two times more likly to be driving with no insurance then white. and that colored people are also make up a smaller amount of claims in the london area. so does that mean if your not white and live in london you should pay more then a colored person.

did you know that in some areas of the UK if you are likely to find around 3 out of 4 drivers are not insured.

also did you know that the stats for women drivers were made up by counting how many women crashed and how many men crashed

Actually it wasent even how many crashed. it was how many broke the law and were caught. according to the few things i have been able to find on goverment DTi and Association of british insurers websites. It is cheaper for my sister to drive her car even though she has one years no claims and shes crashed it up kerbs destroyed her bumper twice when parking at her boy freinds and rammed the side in with a bollard. I have had a few accidents in my time and i have 8 Years no claims and our ages are nearly the same but shes been driving for 1 year and i have been driving for 10. she can still get cheaper car insurance. I have now got trade insurance which is a little more about £200 but I can now drive anycar Fully comp.