Technical Installing permanently-on LED side lights (for driving in the EU)

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Technical Installing permanently-on LED side lights (for driving in the EU)


Jul 7, 2022
Hi there.
In 3 weeks time I am driving from UK to Europe in my Seicento. While I'm preparing a service for the car, I was wondering if there are any kits out there to install LED strip lights at the front, which are always on when the engine is running. ... this is a requirement in the European Union and you could get fined if the lights are off during daylight.

Currently, as with most UK cars registered before 2010 or so, I have to switch the side-lights / dipped lights on manually... but I would prefer an alternative to this, so that I don't need to engage the lights all the time, as well as save the existing bulbs.

Are there any kits and wiring instructions out there?

Thanks in advance.
Hi again.
Okay I've got the DRL lights in place. Now I just need to wire them.
I was thinking of using a fuse tap but I've also ordered a control unit which should arrive tomorrow.

Has anyone here wired a DRL via a fuse tap? If so, which fuse slot would you use? I want to try and avoid the fuse box inside the car and use either fuse boxes in the engine bay... but I notice that the fuse box near the battery is not the same as shown in the user manual.

Any ideas?
On my Stilo I used a piggyback fuse from the fuse that powered the optional sunroof, since it powered itself off after a delay.
The LEDs were activated by a separate switch I installed.. so I needed a means to have them turn off if I left them on accidentally.

You probably don't have a sunroof fuse available, since the Seicento only had a manual roof... but if you have a cigarette lighter in the car then I would just connect your live feed to that. You probably never use the lighter .. but it's a hefty circuit @ probably 30amps.. so it can easily cope with 2A of LED.

Just check that it's not permanently live.. most lighters aren't... but I've heard of some that are.

Ralf S.