I have just installed a boot socket into my GP sporting. Was pretty straight forward. The socket is approx £8 inc vat from a Fiat Dealer. Not sure if all GP's have the wiring in the boot already. Easiest way to find out is to have a look in the left hand side of the boot trim (As you look into the boot). Mine had the hole pre cut, and you could see the cable, complete with prefitted multi plug, through it.

!! Caution, though this is a simple procedure, you are connecting an electrical socket in your car. I take no responsibility for you torching your car or knackering your electrics !!

Step 1:

The socket comes in 3 parts, a plastic housing, a bung for when not in use and the actual socket.

Do not be tempted (as I was) to just fit all the bits together. They must be fitted in order, otherwise they won't fit.

Step 1:

The pre cut hole in the boot trim has one part that is cut out. On the plastic housing there is a "nob" that protrudes from the rest of the housing.

Take the bung, which is attatched to a plastic "O" ring, and slide the this over the plastic housing.

Step 2:

Insert the plastic housing into the pre cut hole in the boot so that the "nob" is aligned with the cut out. Push the plastic housing through the hole, i had to do it at a bit of an angle, and it required quite a bit of persuasion.

Step 3:

Once the plastic housing has seated against the trim, twist it so that the "nob" is not behind the trim. This will secure it in the car.

Step 4:

Align the metal socket with the plastic housing. It will only go in one way, and slipped in quite easily with a little bit of a push needed at the end. Don't force the socket. I would recommend that you don't push the socket all the way in yet.

Step 5:

By now the socket should be installed in the boot, but not fully clicked in so that it is fixed. The last stage is to connect it up.

As I said, my GP Sporting has the wiring in the boot for the socket. Pull down the carpet that meets the trim, and fish around for the wire.

I pushed the connector through the housing, and then attatched it to the pins on the socket. The, GENTLY, feed the cable and the socket into the housing (remember it only goes in one way) and push it all into place.

It does not require a lot of force just a little bit of gentle persuasion, followed by a click.

That should be it. I tested mine with my phone and car charger and it worked first time (phew!:cool: )

Hope this helps. I have used it a few times and come in handy for the compressor and electric cool box.