Technical Input shaft bearing renewal

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Technical Input shaft bearing renewal

He's probably talking about the gearbox itself.
Housings of the gearbox bolted together result with input shaft resistance. This could be a small misalignment, I mean some parts (bearings) are pressed into the shafts more or less deep, that's what's making the shaft harder to turn.
Unless it's a real mistake, significant f-up during assembly, it should fix itself the moment car is started and put into gear.
The small resistance to turn by hand can be actually desired, good thing (depends on the design, type of bearings etc.).

Remember kids, don't start the engine without axles installed into gearbox. You can blow up the differential casing.
This is what I meant, once the housing is tightened it seems stiff.
I didn't even check the first one I did before putting it in the car so just wondering if this is normal.
I've had it apart a couple of times and can't see any issues,I think it's time to put it back in the car and find out.
Many thanks for your replies
I assume you also added a new input seal. When the box is back together the input shaft will drag on that seal making it harder to spin. And does it drag when you leave the selector cover off? Maybe the selector is pushing against a fork that pushes a gear against the input shaft?
My thought is that probably the gearbox was not on neutral position, therefore the" stiffness".
Did you put it back on? Is it ok, working?