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Technical Injection Dash Light


Sep 5, 2006
hi all

i got a 93 1.6 i.e
the injection light in the dash is always off even when i got the plugs removed from the injec and ecu
i opened the dash and changed the pulbs but no way
i guess there is something wrong
my dad have a tempra with the same engine but with no digiplex 2 unit
and his dash light is on when the engine is off and it goes off when i start the engine and that is the normal way as i know

i`m asking because i guess there`s something wrong with my car`s injection
i got everything checked ( oil and filter, spark plugs, air filter, air box, a bottle of the finest american injector cleaner i found on the shop )
but nothing also i changed the catalyst converter sometime around 3 months
it didn`t make a change in the car condition back then
but i dunno
my torque is a little low, my acceleration dropped down

please help
thanx all