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May 17, 2004
bucks, United Kingdom.
Hi guys, Quick question, i'm looking to upgrade to a In-car dvd player. I have had a look around and found the one that i want. the only thing is it is a double unit player.

Does anybody know how many slots there are in a Stilo stereo compartment.

As long as there are 2 i'm ok

I have a Stilo 1.6 active air con.

many thanks

im pretty sure the stilo is double-din? im sure ill be corrected if im wrong...;)
I have a kenwood cd player in there at the moment anyway so i already have a cover, i will just modify that.

thanks very much guys

all i have to do now is sell my 6 disc changer and head unit?

many thanks

You can actually get a fascia which is double din for the Stilo, not sure where it comes from but i know theres a couple of people on here that have got them and im probably gonna be in the market for one when i get round to buying the sat nav part to my DVD player
I have been searching around ebay for some great deals,

I found it is actaully cheaper to import on from hong Kong than buy from the UK. Yes the postage is higher but the player is so much cheaper.

I have also found a 1 din DVD player and monitor.

follow the link and check it out.

Single Din-

I am confused about something, if i brought the DVD player and the Monitor separate how would i power them both

thanks for the link above.

many thanks

That is a very nice player but it is out of my price range.

It is over £300 including postage.

If i could afford it i would have it.

cheers for the post though

Many thanks