General im selling my cinq sporting

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General im selling my cinq sporting


Feb 9, 2005
il put pictures soon. iv just had a full retrim and 2 brand new buckets seat + harness, i did plan to put my savage full body kit witch is also include in the price witch cost me £479, this car was a project all thats need is for the out side to be done,

car spec
70,000 mile
P reg
custom exhaust
no back seats, sub
good condition
well looked after
taxed mot
body kit to be fitted



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How come you're selling? It does look to be in clean condition :)
maybe bear in mind most turbo's go for 1000+ maybe sell the kit seperately?
I'd put up a list of everything that's been done to it :)
Going by Parkers, you would get 400-500 for it totally standard, depending on how much tax, MOT, condition of bodywork/rust etc etc
I would sell the kit separately - you may limit potential buyers by including it - that is, unless they want it :)
custard boy said:
yup you will make more selling the kit seperatly.
depends who buys when you think if somebody is handy and wants a kitted cinq then this is a good option and to be fair bodykits dont sell for much sepreate unless mint and ready to fit which is why ive brought another cinq to put the kit on and then sell it like that :rolleyes: no seriously

course the other option is to drive it as it is and then build a bit off cash to finish it off
its worth more than that but its your car.if i had the cash i would take it but a looming MOT and required RR session mean nio way ;)
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