Technical Idling and other problems

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Technical Idling and other problems


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Feb 7, 2006
Hi All,
Back again with yet more problems with this damn cinq. Its a 1997 Sporting, was suffering from severe excessive fuelling which i managed to cure by changing the throttle body with a slightly lower milage one, think it was the inlet air temperature sensor that caused it in the first place. When i changed it i noticed it was breathing a lot of oil, all the inside of the airbox was coated in the stuff (which is probably what knackered the sensor!), anyone know why it'd be doing that?
Since the new TB its using a lot less fuel but is idling at 1700rpm no matter how warm the engine is, is there an easy wasy to turn the idle down or is it all sensors and heartache?
Any help would be much appreciated.
idle wise sounds like you've not connected the new tb up properly, or you have a vacuum leak somewhere. check the pipes on the back and check its sealing at the gaskets properly
Cheers guys, i've had a look to see if all the pipes are connected properly and they all seem ok but i'll have a proper gander and check the seals and gaskets then get back to you.
There are only two reasons why oil will be up in the filter housing.

Either, the filter is so gummed up with cack that there is a vacuum in the housing causing it to sook up the oil,


more likely,

The back pressure in the engine is excessive and forcing the oil up. Take the filler cap off and start the engine. If loads of oil comes out, its back pressure.


It's defiantely back pressure, when its running with the cap off you can really feel the pressure coming out of the engine. Any idea what would be causing this? Could it be linked to the high idling speed.
The alternator seized on it the other day so it's not going anywhere for a while the next option is probably going to be to take the damn thing out the back and put a match to it!
I'll let you know how the marshmallows taste!