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General Idle valves for sale on ebay


Apr 11, 2005
Brora, Sutherland
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oh happy days think i could do with a hundred its the only thing wrong with a great motor:worship: :worship: now if i can only convince the wife ill just tell her your birthday has come early
donaldmaclennan said:
Brand new. 4 days to go buy it now £24 + £7 p+p.

I have just ordered one as the one I have just now is from a scrap car so don't know how long it will last.

They list it for the 806 with the XU10 engine.

Just beat me to it.Still having troubles with the car idle.Found myself driving along this feet required in second gear. Hmmm perhaps tickover a bit high!!!
Found this Portland site but cannot fathom if 806 (221) equates to my p reg 97 2.0 petrol el? Is yours the same as mine?
How did you check out the equivalent? Been searching this morning to no avail.
Will you just fit or go through the rigmarole of tuning ignition on and off etc?

Regards Andy McNeil another anglicised Scot.....(dont need cars on Barra just donkeys):D
It fits mine. It had no writing on it but it looked brand new, and when I tried it the car idled perfectly went to drive off and it kept on stalling:( . Put original valve back in ( was working beforehand ) the revs would go to 2000 to 1000 to 2000 to 1000 :( :( :( . I just reset ecu by disconnecting it for a few seconds and has been running brill since. I will try the new valve again I reckon new valve needs to be set?

The valve was said to be for a 806 among others and the engine code was given as XU10J2C which was the same as my Ulysse
hope you will let us know how you get on and good luck i know how you feel the ups and downs of the ulysse owner :tempt:
Tried the new valve again today as well as changing oil, plugs and leads and apart from the revs dropping to 500rpm the valve seems to be working. I will leave it in for now and keep the other as a spare in the car along with the T20 torx driver.

I did notice when I first stop the revs drop as said before but then they slowly rise up to 800 which is normal for this car.

As for ups and downs I have had a lot more (y) then (n) ,and the downs have never been that bad:D