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Technical IDLE regulator


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Feb 2, 2006

Could the issue be IDLE regulator, when my car starts to run weard in IDLE, it's RPM is slightly low and some weard sounds comes from exaust, like cylinders wouldn't run in "synch" order. It does that from time to time. If I press throtle, the engine runs normaly, but it takes time, to accelerate RPM. If you leave it off for an hour, it runs normal after that. What could be the issue ?
Hi, what age tipo do you have? What size engine? Any modifications? When was it's last service?
1.4 ie year 94. I just checked it at FIAT servise, the egnine check didn't show any failure. The mechanics said, that careburator is greasy in I must clean the valves. If that won't help, it's probably IDLE regulator but it's very expensive. :'(
The price for that is 262 eur.
I am about to change IDLE regulator.. When I start the car RPM is a little higher when engine is cold. That's normal I think. But after 5 mins running, the egnine looses it's ritm in IDLE and RMP falls sometimes even below 700 . If I press throtle it takes him few seconds to raise RMP and the ritm is back to normal. I step of the trhotle then to run it in IDLE and the rithm is lost again and RPM fall below normal IDLE. Somethimes RPM are so low, that engine stops. When I drive about 30-45 min car starts to run normal in IDLE. Tomorow I get new IDLE regulator, do you think that will solve my problem ? :confused: