idiots trying to kill me on the motorway

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idiots trying to kill me on the motorway


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Oct 8, 2003
so there i was merryily driving along the m6, up ahead there was a lorry overtaking another lorry (at 1mph), and a white laguna overtaking the overtaking lorry. laguna donig around 65, me doing quite a bit more. He didnt speed up to let me past quicker. fair enough. I slowed right down and waited behind him.

eventually he got nearly past the lorry and then indicated. something didnt seem right at all, so i hit the brakes and doubled the distance to him.

he pulled over in front of the lorry and smashed into it. showered my car in debris, and the laguna fishtailed a bit.

he didnt slow down, stop, or even register he did it.

i glared at him as i went past (was an old guy), and he looked back as if to say "what?".

i mean serisouly, what the ****. if he'd spun, i probably would've still hit him and been at the front of very large motorway pile-up. :bang:
How can he not have noticed :eek: There are some very scary drivers out there, I was being seriously tailgated (and if you've seen me drive you'll know that's rare) by a guy with a little kid in the front seat this morning, I hope he didn't kill him on the way home :(
on the way back from Daves when i picked those alloys up, i saw some of the worst driving ever.

i was in the overtaking lane on a dual carriageway, and some gimp in a chavalier was behind me trying to get past, so i let him pass, he then pulled into the lane i was in and slowed down to 40mph :confused: As i went to overtake he just sat in front of me. what a twunt. people like that should be strung up by their balls.

Also, coming through thetford on the same journey, i watched some old woman come out of a F**d dealership and crash into the side of a recovery lorry :confused:

some people... (n)