I think I might just do it .... but is this going to be a insurance problem ?

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I think I might just do it .... but is this going to be a insurance problem ?


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Feb 8, 2005
South Bucks
Hi folks, I think I am going to get myself a Abarth in a few months (Much loved 1.6 on 17'"s fully colour coded with FFSH Anyone?) My insurance has at last reached a point where I can aford to insure one but !! (Still not sure about the silly speed box though):rolleyes:

Today I had an accedent in the company van, I was sitting stationary on the M4 J8/9 when someone slamed into the back of me blah blah 2 cars wrote off, blah blah my neck hurts like hell , blah blah police took almost an hour and a half to turn up.

Anywho having been in a accedent I was given a producer, I get back to the office to find out the vans MOT ran out last Weds (athough it was and still is booked in for tommorow) not only that but my driving licence still has my Dads address on it and not my current one.

In real terms is this going to cost me bad, I have had my heart set on a Stilo Abarth for some time now (Only to shut Stu up tbh;) ) I have got some quotes and I think I can afford one if I can get a reasonable trade in or private sale on my current Stilo.

This was in no way my fault :mad: I really hope this will not bugger up my chances of owning a Abarth.
If the van passes its mot and you get a certificate that should be ok, as for the address, im sure you still live there sort of, still moving out, that shouldnt be a problem! Just make sure you change it as its a fine of £1000 it can be!
You have insurance, driving license so you should be fine! Just make sure in the future that your vans are kept in the correct order, other than that you should be ok if it passes!
No its not my fault , but I was the driver which makes it my responsibility in the eyes of the law, The good news is I did a bit of a google and it seems a Fixed £60.00 fine with no points seems to be the norm so fingers crossed eh.
Its hardly likely the van will pass an MOT seeing as its written off!?

If the TAX is in, you could claim ignorance!? Employers responsibility!

Mind you, they might be less than impressed when they find your lincence is registered incorrectly, its your obligation to inform DVLA of any address changes, no doubt its a fine-able offence to not do it.
The Van is fine (Good old Merc Sprintas) (y)

It was the car that hit the one that hit me that was the second write off.

Merc 1

Astra 0

C3 0

Merc Wins:slayer:
Wouldnt worry about the change of address as its unlikely the cop looking at your docs at the station will make much of it. Your MOT is a problem, its the responsibility of the owner of the van to have it done and not the driver. It doesnt matter if the van would have passed an MOT, the fact its on a road without 1 is the offence however your or the other guys insurance could see this as a way to get out of paying up saying the van was unfit to be on the road at the time of the bump. Again if you're not the owner you shouldnt have much to worry about unless they can prove you were aware of it. None of these are endorsable offences anyway so wont affect your insurance and need not be declared.

Cheers Phil
if you have it booked in but say heres an example.

Today is sunday, my MOT runs out today, if I drive the car tommorrow and it is booked in tommorrow then thats OK,

if however the new test isn't till say tuesday, then you should not be driving it unless you are on teh way to the test centre.

MOT's are a load of cock anyway they don't really test everything, and your car could still explode/ loose a wheel/ brakes fail etc. It can be argued. but I think you will just be fined, they aren't gonna send you down, and it won't effect insurance, as whilst its an offense I don'tthink its a 'driving' offense (like driving without tax or insurance.
This is a shame... But remember that your insurance company will ask if the police were called at the time of the accident, or if the police attended the scene of the accident, and what action they took with respect to yourself and the other person/people involved, your answer to this may have conciquences on your premium.
I 'think' I read somewhere that insurance companies would get into trouble for not paying out when the car isn't taxed but don't have so much trouble getting out of it if the car isn't MOT'd - hence they could probably argue unroadworthy car (and I bet in one of their terms it needs to be road legal blah blah blah).

You will have to come clean at some point so may aswell do it requesting legal advice on that issue from your insurance company lol.
bozzy said:
Get your company to subsidise your insurance costs if they go up through the accident. Not your fault the van had no MOT is it?
I think you will find that although it is a company van and they are responsible for upkeep etc, it is the drivers responsibility to check that it has an mot,tax insurance etc. Having said that, depending what sort of copper is in charge and what sort of attitude you have when dealing with them i personally dont think you should worry. After all the accident wasnt your fault, in the eyes of the law you are the victim as it was you that was rear ended and they were obviously driving too close, too fast! DONT WORRY!!!(y)
Sound advice from everyone, however, 'Bo' will have to declare to his insurance that he was involved in a bump, regardless of whose fault it may have been, if he doesn't,well, it may give them a loophole to wriggle out of paying in the future, insurance companies love 'not' paying.
Buy a cat4 right off and ask for discount when you insure it, they'll say "you're having a tin bath" but, ask for market value when it gets nicked and they'll give you a 60% discount off CAP book price, at least 'Dick Turpin' used to wear a mask:bang: