I shouldove been on here years ago!

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I shouldove been on here years ago!

Jan 18, 2006
Hello all, my name is Biz.

Some of you might know me from the good ole' TURBO COLLECTIVE or X2C.

I used to have a very quick (Even tho never running properly in the turbo department!) MK2 Uno Turbo but is most probably a coke can or some french peice of **** by now! lol

But as a student im coming into a little "Grant" money so ill hopefully be buying a mate of mines MINT (No rust - 60,000miles!!) MK2 Black Uno Turbo. (y)

I live around the morden/sutton (Surrey) area so if any of you live there too and you see me in my new uno hopefully give us a beep!! lol

Take it easy all.

Welcome what was you old Uno like any pics?

May still be around somewhere...
Alright all.

Here it was in october 2003 (God damm time flys!):

And here it was in november 2005:
yeah the rust took hold and it wasnt worth repairing, completly stripped itand then i went to weston wheels with the Turbo Collective lot and i see one that was COMPLETLEY restored and was in much much worse condition than mine so ive kinda cheated! lol

But the one im after now hasnt seen the road in 7-8 years!
Runs, drives just hasnt been used but i cant fuking wait to be boosting again!
Too many damm 2.0 Corsa/Novas/RST's/Scoobys etc about my way that need putting in their place!!
Should be fun! :)
Excellent your part of the elite ;)

The G-Reg Mk2 uno turbo gang Alongside me and Dunc both non runners :D