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I see my First.......

Bob in disguise

Ex Fiat Owner!
Aug 28, 2004
Reading, UK
Grande Punto today :D

Was on the M4 at about 7:15 going towards maidenhead.

I see it from a distance in the slow lane and thought hmmm that kinda looks like the new punto. As i got closer i thought that actually is a punto, but still wasnt sure then i spotted the great big fiat badge on the back and i just thought my god it is one! lol :eek:

Was an orange 5 door and it looked absolutely stunning, i cant wait for the dealers to get them in now :eek:
Trancendental said:
This the Punto from Need For Speed Most Wanted?

Yea and it looks well sweet, i had it as my first car. Shame the game had a bad rating coz i like it.
1.2 8v 65bhp
1.4 8v 77bhp
1.3 mjtd with 75 or 90bhp
1.9mjtd with 120 or 130bhp

these are the engines from launch but a load more are expected like the 1.4 16v, 1.8 16v and 1.6 twin turbo abarth :devil: but thats just a rumour at the moment :rolleyes:

The only thing i know about the one i see was that it wasnt a 130bhp 1.9mjtd as you can't have it as a 5 door :p
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Bob in disguise said:
1.6 twin turbo abarth :devil: but thats just a rumour at the moment :rolleyes:

Not sure how reliable their info is but I saw a picture/description of the twin turbo Punto in Maxpower. 220bhp amongst the stats.
I'd prefer to have no turbo, just an all out 3k rpm idling stripped out 1600 twin cam tuned to be competly undrivable, thats how I like it*

* looked at buying a 1976 reliant scimatar 3.0 essex v6 today, liked it (even though engine seized and would need another) went back to finish bidding, but some nonse put a stupid high bid on it, and i lost it, but never the lesss I really want one now!! 138bhp and 172lb ft as std, £500 for a good one, and £500 to tune it via burton power to 200bhp+ and a straight thru exhaust etc. The guy also has a ferrari 400 (rusted to hell, currently in pieces), a 1978corvette with a nicely tuned v8, its knocking on the door of 500bhp, and idles at about 400rpm, the race exhaust is too loud for road use (would blow the person behinds front screen out if he blipped it!!) so he is using a baffled muffler to keep it at bay, but just a few blips on the throttle can melt you/knock you over. wish I could have something like that one day:worship: (yes I know it doesn't handle but just for the soundtrack)
I'm going to pretend I'm buying one and take it for a test drive (y)

Hmmm, I'm not too sure though, it didn't work in the Porsche garage in Guildford :p
I dont wanna drive it :eek:

Im gonna wait for the 1.9 mjtd to get here before i test drive one :)

I just wanna see the interior to make sure its up to quality standards :rolleyes:
lol, heres a pic, it looks ok tbh

Thats the highest spec sport interior with the leather seats *drool* lol

it does look rather nice but i just hope it dont feel like its gonna fall apart :eek: