I Need Some Help With Ice For A Bravo

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I Need Some Help With Ice For A Bravo


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Mar 8, 2006
I Have Recentally Brought A Bravo V Reg And I Wanna Put My Sub And Amp And Stereo In It Is It Possible And How
you have a boot? use it? you could go all out and do some one off custom door cards with subs in, but it would sound even more rattly.

hopefully your car won't shake to pieces like this one, (although this one is particulary powerful, ain't many knockiing about with some 'real' power).

well I would post a video here, but streetfires search is so pants I can't find it
copied and pasted from your other ice thread.... by moi :D

oh it can be done, no problem at all mate

what you have to do is this. obviously you know the score with the wiring as it was allready installed in another car, so will be specific to the bravo.

get down in the passenger foot well and pull the carpet down, in the middle of the bulkhead in the footwellabout 4 inces down from the top line of the carpet. you need to make a hole in this, but be very careful not to damage any of the cars wireing, otherwise you will need to get an auto sparky if you cant do it. once the hole has been made, poke a opened coat hanger through the hole you made from inside the car. this will visable under the bonnet (easiest way is to tuurn the wheel to full lock to the right and get under there and look up at the bulkhead)attach you power cable to this and pull it through from the engine bay. power lead is in and you have all the other wires soretd. if not, you can take the glove box out, open it up, look at the top of it and you will see 2 turny tab thingys, twist those and the top of the glove box comes out. stick your arm up the gap to where the hu fits with the hu out and you will, eventually find the hole, poke your wires down through there (rca and phonos) and get all that through.

to get along the inside of the car you need to take off the passenger side trim that runs front to back on the floor of the car (door shut line) a few screws, seat belt runner (17mm or 19mm socket iirc) and a few clips along the top edge. be gentle removing these clips as you can easily break the trim, just be patient and it will come up easily enough. then get in the back, lift the passenger side of the rear seat and undo the screws on the floor for the rear door card on the passenger side. this will allow you to lift it and move it around. run your wires under the carpet on the floor, up and under the rear door card then you can get them in the boot. put it back together now.

as for earth there are a couple of options, either under the rear seat bracket, or on the the slam panel at the back there are some hook things that can be removed or slackened to get the earth under there.

heres what can be done easily, and there is mmuch more scope


hope that helps, anything else gimme a shout

edit: thats better rather than runing around through my gallery...
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when feeding th pwoer wire through dont drill holes if you lift the scuttle board and on the drivers side there is a rubber hose. cut this hose and feed the wire through and it should appear in the back of the fuse box and then its a simple matter of running through into the boot.