I got a stilo!

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I got a stilo!

Sep 30, 2007
Just wanted to say hi!!
Drove down from edinburgh to london last weekend to pick up and 1.6 16v stilo for myself!
It was a great drive back and i'm loving the car!!

Looking to tune it up a bit so hope i'm able to find all my answers here!

Hi there welcome to the forum and the stilo massive (y) good luck with the tuning the 1.6 is quite a good car to do it on ..Induction and mapping will take you to 120/2 bhp for a start (y)
Welcome to the forum mate, congratulations on the purchase of your stilo, and may you have many happy miles out of her. 3 dr or 5dr. Ive got the 3dr JTD 115 model which goes like stink (y)
it's the 3 door :)
What sort of induction kit do people recommend for the stilo?
Or should i take that to a new topic in a different section?
I wouldn't be worried about about buying an induction kit; save your money to get it converted to a five-door! :D

Welcome by the way, I'm still not sure why I'm selling my Stilo...