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Oct 8, 2003
[ame="http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2715792117793977759"]Cop gone wild- Lying and making threats just part of his job[/ame]

american cops (n)
Well they both behaved liked children, except one of the Children is five-o. cop doesn't even sound like his voice has broken yet, and what way is that to answer a simple question?

Hey whats going on? Whats going on here? "NOTHNG!"

Police man seemed like he was going to be nice until he was asked, "CAN'T I PARK HERE? ITS A COMUTER PARKING LOT"

Dick heads the pair of em.

"My experience compared to your young ass" Whos ass needs experience? HAHA!
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I dont think the driver was acting childish. He was calm about everyhing the whole way through, it was the cop who brought it upon himself to make the situation a bit hostile :tosser: The driver could have been a maniac with a gun!

Top quality policing methods :rolleyes:
That cop shouldt have got away with behaving like that. He was shouting, screaming and swearing at the guy.

I watched cops (british one) last week and there were some guys that were shouting and swearing at the police and they warned them if they swore at them again they would be arrested and they were. Which was right as they had been warned but they carried on. So the same should go for them. The copper was being clearly abusive.

But then again its amaerican cops and they do want they want anyway, a bit of power....
I watched cops (british one) last week and there were some guys that were shouting and swearing at the police and they warned them if they swore at them again they would be arrested and they were. Which was right as they had been warned but they carried on. So the same should go for them.

note : no warnings required now......thats first bit of swearing could well be the one that gets you a stay in the most exclusive suite in town.....:p
I've had something simialr to this in the UK.

twas 11pm, on a saturday. been out landboarding (kite + big skateboard + sand = :D ) and had so little fuel left I was driving about as carefully as possible, as I had no money to even put a quid's worth in to get home.

anyway, pulling upto lights on sunderland bridge, went green, and some twt in a paxo flew past (must have pretty much ran the light as it changed), flew off over the bridge and turned right.
I started off, slowly, eventually woundit upto 30 (limit) and turned left fairly sharply down my road (toward docks for htem that know), as i came into the roadwork area they had changed the layout yet again, and there was a cone in the middle of the lane, so I swerved round it, then carried on (freewheeling in neutral, doing maybe 22mph at that point).

next thing I know, blues and twos' up my arse so fast I wouldn't dread to think what happened to that poor road cone/volvo d5 bumper interface :eek:

anyway, pulls me over, just abou ripps me out of the car...

PO= what the hell sort of speed was that, think this is a race track sonny?, had to do 70mph all down from the petrol station to catch you up. (filled in with 2mins of BS and spittle).
me- sorry what, I've just crawled over th bridge, then maybe turned a bit quick at this end because of the roadworks+ dodgy cone.
PO- what road cone, you talk shte, I saw you flying thru them lights. think your racing with your buddy.
*said paxo flys past right where we're pulled over
Po- was that your buddy? looks like i'll catch him in a minute then, where does he live, where do you live.. Stop giving me edge.**

**apparently me pulling over quickly (cos I thought he was going round me to attend to something else) then me exclaiming WTF when he ripped me from my car, can be described as 'edge' in teh PO vocab guide :bang:

after 20mins of talk of this and that and road saftey and concequences of driving too quick when drunks are about I honestly thought they were on about me and how I'd driven over the bridge.

then he started on about where they'd seen me from, which was a garage that I had NOT passed on that journey, so I asked where again they saw me, same place. I denied being there within th last few hours, wherupon he went back thru his camera on his car, and found that it had been a black/grey saxo, and not a green punto with shiney silver roofbars.

stupid feckers. wasted 20mins of my time, made me feel like crp, practically assaulted me infront of god knows how many chavs at that particular place, and then took off without so much as an aplogoly for their balzup or anything.
wrote a letter to local constab, and never got more than a reply saying 'thank you for your complaint, we will take this into concsideration and get back to you'.

funking buttholes. so apologies if I don't have much faith in the local forces, when they can't even correctly identify a car (even when played back stationary before trying to charge me, they still couldn't tell the difference).

also been pulled over 3-4more times in teh last 2yrs for complete BS charges of this and that. either mistaken identity (apparently my car is also a silver 2003 ford focus :confused: , that is ofcourse, when it isn't a stolen 1999 silver ford mondeo estate :bang: )
so they're all in a constant bad mood then?

only ever met 1 bunch of coppers that had the time and descancy (spl?) to sort the situation out properly, and they are the kazahk national police, true legends :D
and believe me, they have FAR more paperwork than any force here has. literally days worth for a simple thing.
and you have to sign 27 times, on 20bits of paper (Not inc copies) to regain posessions for example
i do love it when they play the good cop bad cop game. i was once taken to my local pub by a couple of coppers (unmarked car and not in uniform). they bought a bottle of bud while they tried to convince me to grass on someone. one of them was been very nice explaining how grateful they would be if i helped and how they would make a favorable recommendation to the CPS, the other was saying they cant help me if i dont help them and if i dont help them it wont look good on my CPS report. thankfully my solicitor had told me to expect this and even told me what they would probably say. it was such a lame attempt to scare me into grassing, i swear some of the lines they used were straight from a book.