Styling I am liking these alot

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Styling I am liking these alot

Why dont you like them. What aftermarket mirror would look best? I been looking at DTM in carbon aswell
I just don't like them, i like the dtm much better especially when they are colour coded (y)
well imo i think m3 mirrors on anything other than an m3 is tacky, if your gonna go for aftermarket mirrors then go for the dtm's but personally i would colour code the standard ones.
I personally like dtm cups (like the mattig ones) these look loads better than a plain dtm mirror.
Maybe its just me that makes a difference between them but:

These are what i call dtm cups


These are what i call dtm

Ah rite, they look smoother. My car is same colour as your Chris. What would you suggest, colour code standard mirrors or go for the style above in black carbon?
i like te standard mirrors on mk2 and mk1's. but i think ima get me some dtm cups and leave them black.

dtm cups look like .... more of a cup lol

I have seen the covers that MOMO do for the mk2 punto and they look OK. Where can you get them from?
I like the DTM Cups personally, I used to have the DTMs and they were alright but the Cups add that extra smooth touch to the mix and look awesome.

The MOMO covers look quite cool, I think *James* has got them on his mk2b, have a word with him about where he got them (y)