How to repair a door lock that's completly buggered

if you have had your door lock massacred by the local scum and you want an easy and cheap way to repair it without the need for new parts or any separate keys read on

If your lock as the title suggests is completely massacred and does not work at all this wont fix your problem

how ether this will

you will nee to remove your lock from the car as described in the link a both

first you will need
1 a donor lock from the left or right of a scrap car it does not matter the internal barrel is identical

2 a small screwdriver i only needed one for the hole job

3 some grease for lubricating before reassembly

4 a bench grinder would be good but a hand file will do the job in no time

now you have everything lets get on


top lock is damaged bottom is donor

after removing the lock from the car remove the plastic sheaf from around it buy lifting the tabs be care full not to brake them a little heat from a lighter will help

right hand sheaf is white left hand is black


here is inside of the sheaf

the lock will now look like this on the bottom


you then need to remove the centring spring this brings the lock to centre when the key is released

take note of the way both legs of the spring are crossed then hooked either side of the metal peg so you can put it back right


then flick out the c clip holding in the lock barrel


you should have a load of bits like this now

the large plastic ring is the outer trim of the lock I just took it well actually it kind of fell off


you should now be able to push the lock barrel out of your damaged lock


and chuck it in the bin

now you need to carry out the same procedure on your donor lock

so you end up with this
you can see all the pins sticking out in the locked position


you don't need the donor locks keys but I had them anyway just to show the lock in action


as you can see with it's original key all the pins are retracted

but when I stick my key(this will be the key for your ignition) in it some still remain sticking out so obviously it wont work


at this point use the bench grinder or hand file to clip the tops of of the pins that remain sticking out

you will notice after this when your key is removed most of the pins will still cause an obstruction meaning it will still function as a perfectly secure lock

after this grease and assemble the new barrel into your lock surround and test

then replace into car

this home made lock will now work with
it's original key
your key
and a very select few others

the chance of someone putting there key in your car and it will work is very slim

after all do you go round putting your key in other peoples cars

the more pins you have to alter to make your key work the more other keys will now open the door

so you might want to get a few locks from the scrappys from different punto's

then test your key in them and work with the lock that leaves the least pins exposed to ensure your car is most secure

just to help with reassembly one more picture of the direction of the plastic sheaf so you don't get mixed up