Technical How to repair oil cooler pipe - TD100

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Technical How to repair oil cooler pipe - TD100


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Mar 14, 2006

got an oil leak on a Marea TD100, leak is coming from the longer pipe connecting to the left hand port of the oil cooler (viewing from front of car, nearest the wheel)
How do i get to the pipe to replace, do i need to remove the front bumper? And this pipe aint cheap from Fiat i see, any other places near Uxbridge i could buy one cheaper?! :confused:

Had the same problem but managedto find an good oil cooler and pipes on a scrap car. Try these for a new pipe :
Spoke to the chap there and he said if I sent in the old pipe they may be able to do something. The fittings unfortunately are unique and on both ends so many company's cannot do anything without the original unions. The cooler is quite easy to fit. Remove your drivers side front wheel and their is an access panel you can remove. The connectors at both ends are only push in fitments and then secured with an allen key bolt. If you remove the access panel under the drivers side of the front bumper you should be able to unbolt the old oil cooler and remove with the pipes intact.
If you can help it don't go to Fiat. Stoneacre Fiat quote me about £135+vat for a single pipe.

Best of Luck
Andy B.
Andy B is right.

I had the same problem on my 2.4TD. Fiat ones are a bloody ripoff, but you can't get replacements elsewhere.

In the end I found someone breaking a Marea like mine on eBay and they posted me the pipes. I think I paid £30 if I remember correctly.
Bill, what did you do to get your pipes fixed.
The ones I bought from the scrappy have started leaking already!!

If anyone knows anyone who can make up these pipes, I'd be grateful if you could let me know.