Technical How this part is called in english?

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Technical How this part is called in english?


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Apr 16, 2005
My car is 98 Fiat Brava TD 75 SX.
I have a bad sound and vibration as the engine part shown in the picture below, wore off. The seller at the shop told me, I tried to find 2nd hand, but haven't found. So the seller at the new parts shop told me that exactly the same part goes in VW 1.9 TD engines. So I need your help to tell me how this part is called in English, as I don't know, so I could check in the internet is the same part fiths for both - Fiat and VW, as to find 2nd hand part from VW is much easier in my country, than the one from Fiat.

Thank you in advance.

I doubt very much that a VW part will fit. What you have pointed out on the picture looks to be the air conditioning compressor. You cannot buy spares for this, you will need the whole unit.

I figured out by myself, that this part is called crankshaft pulley.
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dave said:
what the arrow points to is not the crankshaft pulley

Yes, its some kind of air conditioner part, and the part i need is not visible from this view. So the pic is useless.