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General how much is this panda worth...

its worth what he can get, looks quite clean by the 1 pic, i dont blame him for starting at 200, he can always go down but he cant go up
I agree that he probably won't get anywhere near that but he can ask what he want's, He's also obviously not an enthusiast so don't get yourself all worked up, he's just looking for another free avenue to advertise the sale.
I must admit that I would want the car with an MOT for £200 - why not get if MOTd, clean it up and ask for £300+?
Yep not worth 200!

I just bought a car exactly the same, same model, didnt even know it was a special edition!
mine has 10 months MOT and 3 months tax, 3 owners and 66thousand on the clock. £125!!!!!!!!

i did get a bargin tho, rekon its worth 250 really :)
id just like to point out that its clear that this guy has only joined the forum for one reason and thats to sell his panda on here instead of having to pay on ebay. i know thats what the forum is trying to promote but christopher does have a point in trying to help him and he was quite rude in response. if hes so confident "it not a usual rust bucket" the tight so & so should put it on ebay. :mad:

i dont like seeing people like this. i encounter enough of em on ebay :(
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i see you window licker`s are still banging on about my panda :) well it just show how ****in sad you all are why dont you all save your monet up and get a propper motor ..or better still get yourself`s a job and you could aford to drive real car`s you bunch of ****`s :slayer: (n)
If that is how you feel move on, this area is for enthusiasts. There are plenty of other forums you can use to free load the sale and more chance of selling it to someone that doesn’t have a clue about the type of car you are trying to sell.

What ever occupation you do have it obviously doesn’t require spelling, when you do sell it maybe you should invest in a spell checker.

(n) (n) (n) (n) (n) (n) (n)
brum911 said:
the first good thing ive been told by a member on this forum cheer`s
that`s. to the bloke with the bunny`s you should all listen to him shut up and SHUT UP some more it`s worth what ever i get for it ..i never asked anyone on here to value the car for me i placed it on here cos i though it might be of interst to a panda owner or like minded person if i wanted to know what it was worth i would of asked some one who know`s what his talking about ..(i dont know some one like myself motor trader ) for 20year`s so please dont tell me i havent got a clue about car i make a living at this ..and like i said this was just something for my son to plod around in which even he would`nt drive for free so dont get your knicker in knot`s it`s just a lump of metal at the end of the day and as for be rude it work`s both way`s it`s a little bit rude to email a new member and tell him his ask to much for his car even if you wish deep down you could make youe giro stretch that much ha ha ha
I know of another (possibly more Coupe orientated :chin: ) forum, where in the cars for sale section they don't allow discussions on price, precisely in order to prevent this sort of thing happening.
If Brum911 wants to ask for £200 for his Panda, he's entitled to. A Dave says he can go down (in price) but not up. If it doesn't sell, or there's no interest, he can adjust his price accordingly.
However, coming on and abusing people is hardly going to help selling it. RIP Brum911 - gone pretty soon I feel (y)
brum911 said:
...why dont you all save your monet up and get a propper motor...
This made me laugh - If we all had Monets at home, we'd be driving better cars than Pandas! :D
this is one of the so called "motor traders" that always appear on ebay. "i bought it for my wife but shes grown a third leg" etc lol you know the ones im talking about. motor trader my foot. chris was just advising him and from the word go he decided to take it as an insult. loser. :)
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