General how much for abarth skirts?

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General how much for abarth skirts?

Feb 16, 2005
Been offered some abarth (at least i think they are) skirts in black....could do with a respray but generally sound apparently.

How much would I expect to pay.....been offered them for 30 notes which seems a fair price tbh, but just wanna make sure :D

If it is ok, then I'll get a spoiler to compliment

say they are in bad nick, need respray, you need to buy all bits to re stick them to yours etc and offer 20 :devil:
£30 is a very good price if they are original abarth ones. not so muh of a deal if they are fibreglass replicas because it will cost you a lot more to get them rectified and fitted. find out if they are original abarth ones if so buy them if not you will get some replicas for that price brand new but be prepared to pay more to have them fitted because they will be cheap replicas. i was in the fiat dealer the other day and saw an old leaflet they had with seicento extras in and the skirts were about £215 if i remeber rightly and they dont do them anymore so if they are buy them.
how do I actually identify a genuine skirt then? THey won't be fibreglass on the inside?
how do I actually identify a genuine skirt then? THey won't be fibreglass on the inside?

If it's anything like the Cinq Abarth stuff, there should be a Fiat/Zender stamp on the lower side. Can't miss it.
yeah I think it's just infront of the opening for the wheel jack to go under the sill.
IIRC i paid £150 for front & rear aprons,rear spoiler and skirts
Original are plastic but you will need to buy a fitting kit for them.
Fiat No: 71717117 at about 12 quid per side.
The adhesive is over 30 quid so....... Mmmmm....No chance!!!
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Cheers chris.

I picked them up today. They are proper fiat ones. The paint is flacked i a few places, but i'll get a rattle can or touch up pen on them. They are low down so a few touch up marks should be fine.

The adhesive I'll grab from anywhere. The "fitting kit", what is it? I though it was a few self tapers and washers to put it on?

I also grabbed an spi engine loom in the deal, for butchering for my MS.

Thanks to matt for selling (y)

aye, unlike most I have read the stickies :D :devil:

Just have to source some :)

Cheers apple (y)

ebay has it for sure, never seen it in halfrauds but those and the alternatives are worth a look
are there any other good adhesives.....ebay is about £14 for grey TS.....the only online shop wants £10 P+P :eek:

I suppose I'll have a look around the estate tomorrow (y)

//edit Body shop sticky says it all
Don't know what's in the kit, Prob double sided adhesive tape, clips and scews.
I know mine has a clip underneath to hold the skirt to the sill and what looks like draught excluding tape along the top to seal it.
yeah, a clip about halfway down?

one side has it, the other doesn't.

Still, I'll try screws, bonding and if it falls off i'll have a rethink! :D

Cheers :)