Styling how do you remove a gearknob?

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Styling how do you remove a gearknob?


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Mar 5, 2006
i have a punto how do you remove the gearknob ive tried vice grips but it doesnt budge.ane body no?please help
but i have to fit a new one on!.will this not make the gear stick shorter?:confused:

You may also need an OMP adaptor for it to fit also, this would be dependent on the punto you have but dont qoute me on that. Wait for a punto bloke to come along
suppose i could just grind it off n weld it on:D
if its a mk1 they just pull off(unsure on mk2-3), if you cant pull it off pull harder. then hacksaw to the height you want it dont just go hacking away at it. you might not even want it shortend.
I pulled mine off with a huge set of mole grips made a right mess.

I found a better way to do it though(y)

Found a minty alfa 145/6 that was in a scrapyard with a nice gearknob on it:cool: , leathery and gear ratio's were in right place on top of it. So tried pulling with my hands, no avail, tried twisting, no avail. Guy in yard lent me a huge open ended spanner and a lump hammer. Basically put the open end of spanner under the knob colllar and whack the spanner upwards with the lump hammer, took about 6or 8 hits and it just popped off.
Best bit was he gave me the knob for nothing, AND when I went to fit it to punto (took std one off ages ago, was just held on with gravity:eek: ) and just went straight on and sort of locked into place (cos if you twist it it damages the clicky hold on to the knob bit inside), and is still there!!!

Not sure if hitting upwards with a lump hammer will do the gearchange ball joint and linkages anygood, but then, who cares if the shift is a bit sloppy, makes it more fun doesn't it? LOL didn't do anydamage to alfas ball joint.