General How do I fit my CD player?

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General How do I fit my CD player?


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Feb 22, 2006

I have a Fiat Bravo and would like to replace the original cassette player with my own CD player.

I have bought the facia/adaptor off ebay and am unsure how to remove the cassette player that came with the car.

Any ideas guys?

Cheers (y)

Thats a fantastic link dori2o! wish I'd seen it before I ripped mine out with a skrewdriver butchering the rest of the dash! :bang:
aaah i was too late too, i just took the tape deck apart piece by piece, got bored, ripped it out (into pieces), cut my hands to ribbons, only to fit the CD player, now its not always live (it used to be) and the facia looks ****e..
Good point about the radio, is there a way to keep it live when you take the keys out? or at least save the settings like the clock and radio stations? :confused:
There should be a red and yellow wire which are the 12v+ supply. One is switched by the ignition, the other is not. If you lost the settings when you switch off then you need to swap the red and yellow wires.. Or wire as following to keep the radio on at all times.


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You're welcome. I spent 2 or 3 hours hanging upside down in the drivers seat of my Tipo soldering the wires behind the radio only to realise the red/yellow wires were the wrong way round. Luckly my radio had the option to disconnect and reconnect the red/yellow wires as in the diagram above.