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General Hidden 'features'


zombie nation
Jul 8, 2005
on the A684
My contribution. While doors are open you have a single M8 bolt holder. :confused:

Confused? Open a door and look up.
if its anything like my Grande punto its to bolt the fiat roof rack into..

the thule rack i have just has a pin which sits in the hole...
Wouldn't have expected t inside the doorframe. Doesn't that affect the sealing of the door?
i've seen that hole for the roof rack on a few cars, usually it is plugged with a rubber bit and there is a recess to keep the bolt head clear of the door.
I found another one in my new Bravo. There is at the passenger site on the floor a tiny space behind a black plastic thing. It has the space of an ashtray. Really strange small place I really don't know why it's there.

My first thought that it was a hidding place for the Italian Maffia for placing some white powder or something. Who knows more?
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Any new hidden features discoverd? I only know the stereo and aircon features.
Aircon features???

Not tried the stereo ones...

Holes in the door frames are for the roof rack - fits no probs (although single-handed fitting both rails and bike rack has led to a few scuffs so I've got touch up paint to fix them!)