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Sep 17, 2007
hi all my names andy and i have just aquired a fiat x19 1982.
the last fiat i owned was a 105tc strada which had been abused by most
of the local lads throughout the early ninetees and had a small split in
the roof by the time it came into my ownership.since then i have had anglias,cortinas(still own a 63 mk1) and spent this summer giving an mgb
a much needed makeover.when i am not getting dirty,i have 4 boys aged10 down to four to keep me busy I bought the x19 on a bit of a whim as i hadn't
seen one for many years and my dad has since fallen in love with it(bonus,
he pays for the resto and i still get to drive it;) )so i am fixing it up for him.
structualy,the car is pretty good with no welding to the floor or inner sills and it has only cosmetic rust to the door bottoms.I was a mechanic for the first six years of my working life and have been spannering old motors for fifeteen
years now so there isn't much i wont tackle.However,the wiring on these cars is a bit of a headscratcher.the wiring diagram in the haynes manual shows
different colour wires to the ones on my car.is it possible to obtain wiring diagrams elsewhere or is it just a fiat thing? I look foward to some knowledge coming my way.cheers people.byeeeeeeee!(y)
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Aug 8, 2006
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Hi, i've no idea about the wiring, i know for experience that even following a Haynes sometimes isnt helpfull, and much easier sometimes to trace from the component.