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Hi there

Feb 26, 2008
:)New to forum not new to Fiat cars, owned several over many years, 131 mirafiori in green and rust then more rust but engine great, next 127 great little car bought for about £50 put new exhaust on cleaned it and did 50,000 mile then sold it for about £350, mk 2 sporting punto, bought in 2002 and still going with over 50,000 mile on, my son now owns it and I am now due to collect a late 2006 punto sporting mjet, can't wait. Have seen the debate about mjet vs tjet but hey I'm used to torque and mpg so I'm not giving them up now, hopefully it is more reliable than our mk 2 which has been ok until recent gearbox failure, apparently common. Anyway hello to all Fiatistas out there.(y)