Bravo (Classic) heres my bravo hgt


thought it was time to show u my car ,,well i cleaned it today so ,,its looking red and not pink,,,o yeah the windows havnt been tinted yet that was me messing about to see what it would like look,,,now im thinking i should get it done ,,,ps and the scuffs on my wheels was done by my woman,,,,she been banned from my car now,,,yay,,,

sammiboo said:
well if i can have my way i would get my mirrors painted, abarth spoiler and HGT skirts. Well just what i did to my other bravo really!
sound like a good plan,,,getting rid of the mirrors got some m3s to put on ,just havnt had time ,,,me is lazy ,new pipe,tints,bad boy bonnet,and the slam it with new wheels,,,,,then respray it cherry red,,,,well that what im thinking of doing,,,,,,when i get the time to sort it,,till then it will have to be shady red and shady pink,,,,lol lol lol
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its look good there but in some light the bonnet is so pink and same with the back end ,,looks like u and me both got shady coloured cars andy,,but then its good to be diff,,,lol
ta matt ,well as u all know when ya clean ya car shine her up..its allways rain,,well it seem to round here,,28 minutes after that ,,its came down so fast my car was dirty again so now im not going to clean it till july the 10,,my bday,,,lol