Punto (Mk2/2b) Here Is my Punto. New alloys today


Hope this works

not sure if i like the front of the arbarth kit. Im on the look out for something like the bravo arbarth front end.
And as for lowering, i did have plans to but ive just had a drive with theese on and they are rubbing abit :confused: . they shouldnt do really they are only 17"
Rubbing on full lock? I don't know much, but I reckon you'd need your arches rolled? (I have no idea what that is, but i see it pop up everytime someone mentions that their wheels are rubbing)
Depends entirely on the offset of them. Where are they rubbing, front or back?

Looking good though!
If the alloy is 7.5" rather than 7" then thats why you might be getting rubbing.

But seeing as they dont rub on the back, i doubt this will be the contributory factor.