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Mar 27, 2009
Hi everyone,

We currently own a 06 reg fiat scudo van 2.0jtd with 50,000 miles on the clock.
We recently took that van into Fiat Piccadilly in Wakefield, West Yorkshire over concerns of an oil leak, after cleaning the engine and searching for an oil leak they gave us it back saying they couldn't find one and we should come back the next week to see if there was any traces of oil left on the engine. That we did, Fiat then phoned us saying that the oil was leaking from the crankshaft seal which would be replaced which they did but upon doing so they found that the crankshaft was damaged so they had to replace that.
After nearly 2 weeks in the garage and many phonecalls later we managed to get a courtesy van from them to allow us to continue doing business and complete deliverys.
Fiat then told us that they were having some timing issues with the van and they needed to sort this, which we didnt mind as we had the courtesy van to be going on with.
A few days later Fiat then told us the van was ready to be picked up in which we did so but the next day with less than 50 miles travelled the van broke down on the motorway.
We got the van to Fiat for them to have a look at and they said that basically the engine is shagged and will need to be replaced in which we was fine with as we expected it to be done under warranty, they then told us that it was the fuel pump that had caused this and therefore we would have to pay for a new engine being put in as the fuel pump is not covered in the warranty.
Now is it me or are Fiat trying to get away with not replacing the engine under warranty as it seems quite ironic that less than 50 miles after the crankset has been replaced the engine has blown up.
We have tried speaking to Fiat about this and they dont seem to be bothered.

We would appreciate any advice that anyone has on this matter, or has anyone had the same problem, if so then how did you deal with it.

Thanks in advance
B.C. Profiles