help with speakers in my punto

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help with speakers in my punto


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Feb 4, 2006
Hi all
I have the newer style fiat punto its the mk2 i think, but it has a standard tape player in it. Where can i get a new face plate from and put a cd player in it. Also iam wanting to put Speakers in the doors of the car, so i will need adapters for that, but i don't want speakers in the boot or parcel shelf, as i need that space, But at either side of the parcel shelf there is a place to fit speakers, so i can take out the parcel shelf without messing with wires, could a put a subwoofer in each of them do you think, or can you suggest somewhere better to put the sub e.g. in the doors and just have speakers either side of the parcel shelf. whats the best setup you can suggest. Also where and what cd player, speakers and sub should i get.


How much cash you got to spend on the ICE? Depending on how much you got i could advise what to get.

Best setup though would be a nice set of components up front amped

And a decent sub on a nice amp.

Ad then just turn the rear speakers off.

All fed from a decent headunit. Generally say go with an alpine head unit.

If you got over £1000 to spend could recommend a few things

if you wanna get a good system for a medium amount of cash id look at this

Really cant get much better than rainbow for the price awesoe sounding speakers. Much better than the typical names people know such as sony alpine etc. And the Genesis amps are known for being some of the best around.

If you dont have that much cash though sure can advise on something else let us know a budget and can tell you what you might be best off buying also depends on style of music you listen to as well.

The problem with putting subs in doors is gonna be building a box for it. Subs need to be in an enclosure unless there free to air and they will also need an amp which you have to put somewhere.

But if you look at my system

Literally a 2 second job to get the sub out. Just a case of undoing the wire and hiding it away again.
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Budget is everything and I would have the same setup as Wozza described -

Good quality HU
components up front with a suitable amp
Sub, suitably amped
Thick cabling.

And if you go second hand, you can get some real bargains (y)