Technical Help With lost locking wheel nut remover

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Technical Help With lost locking wheel nut remover


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Jan 20, 2006
We have an '02 stilo, and upon getting ready for a tyre change have noticed that we have no locking wheel nut remover.

I have contacted the guy we bought from who thought he gave it to us, but my mistake for not checking

Is there any way to obtain a duplicate from the vin etc?

Thanks in advance

I have phoned a fiat dealer who say they cannot without the number from the box it was in as they are all different...

I have checked the insert inside the wheel and there is nothing that looks like a locking wheel nut remover nor a slot for anything.

you will have to get new set about £12, then go to a place like quikfit, they have tool to remove them with out the proper tool,
Yep, looks like no choice - you can buy that tool yourself, which basically trashes them to get them out - not sure of cost, though....
Make sure that you havn't actually got it!!! The dealer gave me the locking nuts for free so he put the normal nuts plus the locking nuts key in a black plastic box (where the locking nuts came) and put said box in of the compartments to each side of the boot and as they are quite irregularly shaped it's very easy for the box to "hide" to one side............................... trust me!!!!!
halfords do the removal tool for about £15. or you can hammer on a smaller socket and remove them that way.