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help with logo design


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Dec 10, 2006
wilmslow, cheshire
hiya there

I am admin for a oval racing site for a class of racing called "UK Modifieds", they are 4cyl bike engined cars that are imported from the states

When I originally put the site together [ I did the logo myself, its basic but has served well over the last year or two

Now i am wanting something a bit better, but I cant really do anything fancy - the original stretched my efforts to the limit!! , so am wondering if anyone who can do stuff like this, can help me with a new one, it will ideally be in similar colours, with a union jack in it somewhere, with a white background, and a size of 900x120

Can anyone help? I cant offer any reward other than a massive thanks on the news page of the site, I do the site for free.

thanks for looking