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Technical Help required please


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Jun 23, 2003
United Kingdom.
My mk 1 had sqeaking front O/S brake so this morning I removed the old pads and discs and fitted new ones. The piston was hard to push back on the O/S caliper. Anyway after putting everything bck together I had no front O/S brake at all. I was pumping pedal and the N/S was fine but the O/S piston was not moving out of the caliper. Thougt this was odd so I had an assistant press the pedal down and I slackened bleed screw, no fluid came out. Tried same thing one the other and the fluid was coming through. I then pressed the pedal down while slackening the outlet off the master cylinder that fed the O/S caliper and fluid is coming out of the master cylinder on this outlet. The brake hose was bone dry inside and looks like no fluid been coming through it for a while. Does this mean the master cylinder is nackered? Also the brake pedal has gone quite hard.
havn't had to do that on the mk1 I occasionally repair, but I guess it does not have clever things on it like abs. If fluid pumps out of master cylinder for the o/s ok then it can really only be a blockage (unusual). Connect it all up and remove the offending pads, start engine to give extra push and push hard on brake to force fluid through caliper bleed, check that the pipe has not been crushed first.