Technical Help Needed. How do you remove and replace the Heater Matrix in a Mk1 Punto

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Technical Help Needed. How do you remove and replace the Heater Matrix in a Mk1 Punto


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May 7, 2007
I looked at another thread that was started by dandaz ( ), but thought I would create this new thread as the title was a little misleading for my enquiry.

I had a linking matrix, but temporaily bypassed the matrix for the summer months (money was very tight!) but now I need to fit a new one in order to to survive this coming winter !

My car is a 1998 Punto 60sx (R plate).

I always thought you had to remove the complete dashboard and was pleasantly surprised to read on the thread that the matrix can be replaced without such fuss. I have really dreaded having to attempt to fit a new matrix.

I am asking whether there are any photographs/exploded diagrams of the procedure?

Before I have a go at tackling it, I need to be sure of what exactly has to be removed?

I need to build up a mental picture and some confidence before I start.

I understand from the thread that the matrix can be removed without the need for a complete stripdown / removal of the dash.

Has anyone else other than dandaz replaced their matrix in this fashion?

I would just like to read about their experience, any snags etc.

Many thanks in anticipation
you have to remove the fan pod from the side of the heater box it's held on with alen bolts and held to the car with 10mm bolts also


here is a picture that will help but you will need to reverse it in your mind as this is left hand drive

but basikly once the fan housing is off you will slide out the heater matrix part H on the diagram after disconnecting the pipes it wont be to much trouble believe me

you may need to unplug some wiring on the fan unit to get it out the way and remember to protect the carpet from the water

taking the passengers seat out will give you loads more access too
I've just tried for the past 4 hours trying to get the heater pod etc out, managed to snap most of the fixings that didnt want to free up :( anyways the heater fan surround has been removed, the pipe that goes into where the heater matrix has also been removed, but I still can't get to the heater matrix, I've undone god knows how many screws around the black surround that contains the matrix, but it still isn't budging, i've undone the bulkhead nuts.

Any solution, I really dont want to be ripping the dash out, but got a feeling i'm going to have to :(

Even my old renault clio heater matrix wasn't this bad to do, and that did require the dash out!

Think i'm going to have to buy a new complete heating unit though after breaking some of the plastic!
Hi ya,
still not sure if it cant be done as above, however
my brother and i had to replace heater matrix on his 60 a few weeks back and tried the same as the diagram, however I think the 60 is a different set up than this because after 40 minutes of stripping down the heater blower motor still couldnt get to matrix-- we had to remove the complete dash , the heater matrix doesnt slide out and we found its contained in a complete housing and only accessable once you have the dash out, not as hard as I thought --we had dash out, Matrix changed and the thing reassembled in 3 hours but would not have tackled it without a manual though as there are quite a few nuts and bolts-allen screws ect , including some inside the engine compartment to remove and then remembering where they all came from, dont know if theres a guide anywhere, if not and you cant wait will try and post instructions as per manual ,although that would take quite a while---- if I have this correct then you will know its for your model because where the water pipes enter through the bulkhead you should be able to see the two plastic pipes that are attatched to the matrix
good luck
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Removing the dash isn't too difficult. Had to do it on my 60 SX to replace the heater matrix. Had it done in a weekend!:slayer:
Yea i think mine maybe different as its a 75 elx, so even more sh*te in the way, doesn't help that whoever installed the toad alarm on it trailed silly little wires all over the place.

Going to have to buy a new heaterbox assembly anyway as I've damaged it.

Only problem with replacing it, is the fact I dont really have that much time at the moment (on early shifts, so get around 2 hours of sunlight, have tried using a torch)
I also tried the 'shortcut' method, without removing the fascia, on our 1998 60S, and found it was impossible. So I followed the instructions in Haynes (about 7 different sections) - removing fascia, steering wheel etc, but we managed it in the end. One of the trickiest bits was just removing the hoseclips on the heater pipes in the engine compartment - they have spring fittings which are difficult to release in the confined space. Kept all the nuts & screws etc for each bit, in separate envelopes. It took a morning to get it all out, a bit less to put it all back together.
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there is no shortcut, not without breaking stuff and costing yourself a fortune.
just take the dash out.

no specialist tools required except big nutt for the steering wheel.

only thing to note, there are TWO different sizes of matrix, and they often described wrongly in the parts catalogue

took me 2-2.5 hrs in total in labour to change the matrix, and TWO WEEKS to get the right part :mad:
replace the Heater Matrix in a Mk1 Punto

hi guys i have just done the matrix but for got which pipe goes on which spout out of the matrix any help please